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I started T&T Avionics Services after I saw the necessity to partner with those who have the desire and passion for creating their own flight deck and also the drive to learn more about how everything works within their complex avionics systems. From this, T&T has developed a reputation with other builders and repair facilities for being a dependable, reliable partner in their avionics adventure.



After a full military career in the United States Air Force, I joined Garmin’s Reliability Test Lab and Aviation Mechanical Engineering team. I was involved with designing, certifying, testing, and developing many aviation flight control and support products.


I am an instrument-rated Private Pilot with over 600 flight hours. I am also a proud owner and builder of an experimental aircraft with a complete Garmin Avionics Flight deck, navigator, and autopilot. I have been involved with numerous experimental aircraft builds and countless avionics system designs and installations.


I am experienced with the challenges of design, creation, Installation, calibration, configuration, and even troubleshooting of various avionics flight systems. I also have experience with most avionics manufacturer’s products and have designed many interconnect wiring diagrams for experimental and certified aircraft.

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