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Building your avionics package can be a rewarding but also intimidating adventure. For most, it’s an opportunity to understand better how each component contributes to the big picture of the flight deck assembly. And for those who might have built their experimental aircraft too, it’s also a natural progression to build their avionics harnesses, create their panels, and perform all related adjustments, calibrations setups, and even diagnostics if necessary.


Some are extremely well versed in the avionics adventure; for others, this might be their first time tackling a challenge of this magnitude. The secret is having someone in your corner to help you along this process phase. Interpreting the manufacturer’s installation manuals is a skill all on its own! Do I even need that? Do I want that? Why do I? All reasonable questions we ask ourselves.


At T&T, we “partner” with you on this challenge and offer services and results you can depend on. Not just a wiring diagram or even mailing a harness, but for those who need a little more, an email, a phone call, or even a build-site visit if necessary to iron out some of the complexities of the avionics installation phase. Everything has its process, installation challenges, requirements, and precautions. And then, after everything is installed, comes the exciting and sometimes terrifying power-up, configuration, calibration, and adjustment procedures. Even with the most seasoned and prepared individuals, inevitably, something will put up a fight and force your diagnostic patience.


At T&T Avionics Services, we pride ourselves on building relationships and establishing a rapport where we are more than just a company that provides interconnect diagrams or facilitates a complete harness build. Still, we are someone you can trust and reach out to and discuss issues, resolve problems, or find solutions. We’re excited to say that we have partnered with one of the premier harness-building companies in the industry. For those who want the interconnect diagrams unique to their airplane and their harness built to exacting standards, T&T can facilitate getting this accomplished.


Send us details about your build and let us help you in your avionics adventure.

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