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Orange Aero Engineering

We’ve worked with T&T Avionics Services on several avionics projects and are always very happy with their results.


This industry demands the best and T&T delivers. Not only do they provide quality designs, but in the timeframe our tight schedule requires.


Their communication is excellent, and they do exactly what they say they will at a very competitive price. I’ve referred many clients to them with confidence for their individual avionics upgrades and complete build needs.

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As a long-term pilot and first time experimental aircraft builder, having someone in your corner to consult, discuss, and explain some of the challenges of a complex flight deck system has been invaluable.


T&T Avionics Services provided so much more than just a diagram. After the installation, they helped me calibrate, adjust settings, and configure to ensure everything was performing as expected.


They partnered with me in my avionics adventure and even came to my build site for personal hands-on assistance. I highly recommend them for your avionics adventure.

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Nelson Aviation

My customers insist on the best avionics harnesses available in the industry, and I provide it for them.


Partnering with T&T Avionics Services for my Interconnect Designs gives me that professional edge we demand and allows my team to focus on building a quality product that they deserve.


Each design is custom to our customer’s unique needs and available in a timely manner that allows my operation to meet our demanding schedule at an affordable price.

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